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Hello and thanks for taking part in this survey to gather Care Experienced people's views on the Covid-19 pandemic. Below is some information on the survey and how the views you share with us will help influence change.

The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete and will be open until Monday 30th November.

This survey seeks to understand how being Care Experienced has impacted your experiences of the pandemic. 

Since March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyday life as we know it.
Who Cares? Scotland have continued to support the Care Experienced community and has seen the significant impact that Covid-19 has had on many Care Experienced individuals’ lives.

Although we understand some of what it has felt like for Care Experienced people when they reached crisis under lockdown, through providing our helpline and ongoing advocacy support, we now need to capture the fuller picture of what it has meant to our members to live through this time.

Covid-19 is also a crucial time to influence planning for recovery from the pandemic and we want to make sure this includes what Care Experienced people need to get through this challenging time.
This survey will contribute to our evidence base to influence the Scottish Government, through a leadership group looking at the impact of the pandemic on children, families and related services. We sit on this group as a key organisation that can represent the voices of Care Experienced people we support and who are part of our membership.

We will also be able to give your views to the Equality and Human Rights Committee, looking at the human rights impact of Covid-19. We will make sure that our Care Experienced members are represented within the committee’s work reviewing the actions taken by the Scottish Government and local services to support people during the pandemic.

Who Cares? Scotland will influence both Scottish Government and Parliament about Covid-19 Recovery Planning, but to do this, we want to understand what our Care Experienced members have to say about life during the pandemic.
By deciding to contribute today, your views will help form our evidence base and will be used to make sure Care Experienced people are represented.