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* 1. Please tell us your... (answers are still kept confidential)

* 2. Have you enjoyed being a Course Rep?

* 3. Do you feel you've made an impact on your course / student experience?

No Somewhat
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* 4. How did you become a Course Rep?

* 5. On average, how much time per week do you spend doing Course Rep things?

* 6. How many meetings have you been to this year?
Could include with students, academic staff or formal course boards

* 7. What are you proud of influencing this year?
Please show off! 

* 8. What barriers or struggles have you come across in the role?

* 9. You felt supported by academic staff in your role

* 10. You felt supported by the Students' Union in your role

* 11. What would you say to a new student thinking of becoming a Course Rep?
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* 12. Anything else you wanna say, feel free! Thank you!