You may have read in the newspaper that Yorkshire Water recently held a public meeting to open discussions with local residents over the surplus 50 acres of land around their site in Esholt. 

The Idle and Thackley Liberal Democrat Councillors are working with Yorkshire Water and the Council to support the idea of a large country park which would take in the Yorkshire Water site and Council land in and around Esholt and Idle and Thackley ward.

The land owned by the Council and Yorkshire Water is huge; we believe that a country park can offer a long-term sustainable future for the area. The local development framework is going to allow some housing and business development but the remaining land on both sides of the river must remain in the greenbelt and be properly planned for the future. The worst of all worlds is that piecemeal development takes place site by site and at best all the public gets is a few improved footpaths and bridleways. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity that must not be missed. 

Please complete this short survey to give your views. 

A country park master-plan would be the largest planning exercise ever undertaken in our area. This is a real opportunity for Yorkshire Water, the Council and its partners to work together to create an amazing space that is protected for the future. This is your opportunity to start to shape the plans.

Thank you for your input on this amazing project.