Tell us about your experiences of health and social care during the pandemic

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Healthwatch Cornwall is an independent, publicly-funded organisation. We have statutory duties and a remit to ensure health and social care services in Cornwall are the best they can be for people, now and in the future.

Health and social care services have had to drastically change the support they offer the public in response to the Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic.  Healthwatch Cornwall would like to know how these changes are working for you and for those you care for or support.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, it will only require 10-15 minutes of your time and the information gathered will help to highlight and address any concerns or gaps with your wellbeing.  We will be sharing the results with Public Health Cornwall, NHS Kernow, Healthwatch England and other local health and social care providers.
To complete the survey please agree to Healthwatch Cornwall storing, sharing and destroying your information in line with General Data Protection Regulations. All your answers will be anonymised. This means that anything that might identify you in any comments you make will be removed before sharing or publishing.


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1. I agree to Healthwatch Cornwall sharing anonymised data with Public Health Cornwall, NHS Kernow and Healthwatch England.

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2. I agree to Healthwatch Cornwall summarising and publishing the results to help improve existing health and social care services.

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