This survey aims to find out how people feel about co-operatives and what the current level of understanding is of co-op organisations in Northern Ireland.

* 1. Do you feel co-operatives are becoming a more recognised model for businesses and community organisations?

* 2. What is your perception of co-operative organisations?

* 3. Are you a member of a co-op?

* 4. If you replied yes to Q3, please list any co-ops in which you are a member.

* 5. Can you name any co-ops in Northern Ireland?

* 6. Can you name any products or services produced/created by co-ops in Northern Ireland?

* 7. Do you or your organisation buy co-operative products?

* 8. If you replied yes to Q7, please list any products that you or your organisation buy from co-ops.

* 9. Are you aware of Co-operative Alternatives? 

* 10. Have you heard of Community Share Offers?

* 11. If you answered yes to question 8, can you tell us what you perceive a Community Share Offer to be?

* 12. Can you name any organisation that has had a Community Share offer?

* 13. Can you tick any areas about Co-operatives that you would like to know more about?

* 14. What sector do you work in?

* 15. Please tell us about yourself