As part of the funding towards the cost of building the new village hall / community centre, the Parish Council are working with Congresbury Village Hall limited, to look at the option of the council applying for a Public Works Loan.

Basically the Public Works Loan Board lends Government funds to Parish Councils at low interest rates, with the council making the repayments.

This would require an increase in each household’s council tax. As an example for a £500,000 loan, over 20 years, the approximate monthly increase would be as follows:
Council tax Band Increase per MONTH Council tax Band Increase per MONTH
A £ 1.25 E £ 2.25
B £ 1.42 F £ 2.66
C £ 1.58 G £ 3.00
D £ 1.96 H £ 3.66

A loan would only be taken out if:

·       the other funding required has been confirmed, and

·       full planning permission has been granted.

The purpose of this survey is to assess the level of the support for a loan.

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