What's your best memory in Devon between 1961-2021?

Did you... Get engaged on Dartmoor? Buy your first house in Devon? Swim in the sea for the first time here? Whatever your special memories of Devon are from the last 60 years, we'd love to hear them. 

Devon Communities Together is 60! Established in 1961, we have spent the past 60 years supporting communities all over Devon to overcome challenges, create positive changes and thrive. As we enter our 'diamond anniversary' year, Devon is a very different place to how it was in 1961, not least because we are in the midst of a global pandemic and our communities are facing challenges unlike anything they've faced before.

Despite the situation we find ourselves in, we think it's hugely important to celebrate this milestone year. Here at Devon Communities Together, we LOVE Devon and we know lots of other folk do too. So, within our programme of celebratory activities for our 60th year, we're inviting you to share a special memory in Devon, which will contribute to the Devon Community Chronicles. 

The Community Chronicles is planned to be a collaborative timeline of special memories from across Devon over the last 60 years, that will be published and shared in Devon communities later this year. 

Submitting this form is your opportunity to contribute to this by sharing your special memory of Devon. In Autumn 2021 we can share the finished Community Chronicles with you - so you can spot your own memory and enjoy everyone else's. 

Please submit by August 2021. By submitting this form you are consenting to Devon Communities Together publicizing your memory (including, but not limited to, online and printed media publications). 

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* 1. Please write about your memory in Devon (1961-2021)
This could be... Visiting a special place for the first time, moving to Devon, starting a new job or setting up a business here, a wonderful walk across the moors that you'll never forget, the birth of your child at your local hospital, or anything else that you'll never forget about your time in Devon. 

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* 3. Where in Devon was this?
Just the name of the town, village or city will do! 

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* 5. What is your first name?
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* 6. Where do you live now?
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* 7. Would you like us to send you a copy of the Community Chronicles once it's been created in Autumn 2021?
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