In  early  2017  we  asked  people,  including  those  affected  by  communication  difficulties  for  their  opinions.   We  had  over 3000 responses.

We  found  out  that:·      

- people  with  communication  difficulties  don’t  always  get  the  support  they  need  in  the  community    
- people  would  like  a  Communication  Access  symbol  in  the  UK

Businesses already use some symbols: 

 Physical Difficulties       Hearing Difficulties       Visual Difficulties
Physical Difficulties     Hearing Difficulties     Visual Difficulties

We  asked  people  to  choose  an idea for a  symbol  to  represent  communication access
These  2  ideas  were  the  most  popular       

* 1. Please select the idea you like best

* 2. Tell  us  what  you  like  and  what  you  don’t  like  about  these  ideas

* 3. If  you  have  any  other  ideas  or  comments  please  tell  us

The  final  symbol  may  not  look  exactly  like  this