Maternity & Career Comeback Workshops 2017

I know from writing the book "Mothers Work!" (Hay House, 2011) and my work at The Talent Keeper Specialists ( that returning to work after maternity leave or another career break is easier with support and preparation.

I'm aware that most women don't have access to the kind of support we provide our clients' returning employees and that if you’ve taken a break in employment, you may not have budget for return-to-work coaching.

With this in mind, building on the success of the free workshops we've held each year since 2014 (as seen in the Guardian Women in Leadership section) part of our 'giving back' in 2017 is hosting a series of two-hour 'maternity comeback' and ‘career comeback’ workshops. All are absolutely free to the individuals taking part.

Please complete this form to register your interest in participating in a workshop. Each will be held at my home in St Albans.

Best wishes
Jessica Chivers
Founder & Managing Director, The Talent Keeper Specialists

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