This research by COBCOE and The Royal Commonwealth Society aims to find out what European business people know and understand about the Commonwealth, a global network of 52 nations.

The results of this survey will be analysed to create a short report that will be launched around Commonwealth Day in March, when the former British territories celebrate their common heritage and The Queen delivers a special address.

This survey will build on previous research by COBCOE, which found that European businesses use the UK as a springboard to global markets. The results of COCOE's previous research have been published in the report, Brexit – the Voices of European Business, which sets out business priorities to secure European prosperity post Brexit.

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* 2. Did you know that the Commonwealth is global in its coverage with 52 member states?

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* 3. Were you aware that these country members have a combined population of 2.4 billion?

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* 4. Did you know these country members had a combined GDP of $10.4 trillion in 2017?