LGiU & CCLA's C'llr Achievement Awards 2017: Nominate a Councillor

Please fill in the form below to nominate the councillor you think deserves recognition for their hard work and successes - it should take around 15 minutes to complete.

By filling in this form, you agree that we may contact you to verify the credibility of your nomination. We welcome nominations from anyone – councillors, officers, MPs, residents or other stakeholders – but please note that councillors may NOT nominate themselves.

Award Categories:
Leader of the Year
Community Champion
Young Councillor of the Year
iESE's Finance and Transformation Award
Mears Group's Health and Care Award
Technology and Digital Award
Place-shaping and Environment Award

Please read about the award categories and the rules of the competition before starting.

The deadline for nominations is 1st September.

This year's awards are kindly supported by:

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Nomination Details

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* Describe a project(s) this councillor has led, that had a positive impact on the community. Be specific about their role within this project, and how their contribution led to success. Provide evidence/links if possible (200 words)