Aberdeenshire Council Registration service: Civil Ceremony fees review.

Aberdeenshire Council’s registration service is proud to have established an excellent reputation for providing a high quality, flexible and modern civil marriage ceremonies.

Each year, our registrars delight in joining hundreds of couples in marriage ceremonies that celebrate their love and life-long commitment to one another. Although every occasion is unique, we always ensure that a dignified, sincere and heartfelt commitment between two people stands at the heart of every ceremony.

Our brochure can be viewed here: https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/media/20100/ceremonies-brochure.pdf

Our advertised fees for providing a civil marriage service have remained unchanged since they were set in 2003, yet over the years the cost of providing this service has increased. In order to better meet the costs of delivering this service, we plan to introduce a moderate increase of our civil ceremony fees.

Although a fee increase is necessary, it is vital that our civil ceremony service remains accessible to all clients. We have ensured that proposed fee increases will bring Aberdeenshire Council’s charges in line with national averages while remaining less expensive than most alternative non-religious marriage options available.

A number of couples have already made provisional bookings with us for 2017 and onwards. At the point of booking, couples are advised that fees may be subject to increase. Upon increasing fees, we will establish a grace period of up to one month, within which all outstanding balances may be paid at previously advertised prices, and we will contact all couples directly to ensure that they are aware of this.

We sincerely value your feedback regarding our intended increase of civil ceremony fees and would therefore appreciate your answers to the questions below.

Kind regards,

The Registration Service


* Do you have any comments in relation to the proposed increase of fees for any of the marriage ceremony scenarios listed above?

* Do you have comments regarding the grace period, allowing existing bookings to be paid at the previously advertised costs?

* Do you have any other comments or suggestions in relation to the review of Civil Ceremony fees?

Thank you for taking the time to provide these comments, we value your feedback.

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The Registration Team