Welcome to Our Survey.
It would really help if you did one Survey per Child.

It's great you are doing our survey, we really need your ideas.

We are busy working on grant applications to improve Sennen Churchtown Hall. We are competing against other projects for the funding and, to have a chance of winning, we need your views and ideas. We are bidding to get a new roof and extension and also to upgrade the Hall.
If you are completing a paper copy of this survey, please return it to your nearest drop-off point (see below) by 31 March 2017
Drop-off Points: Apple Tree Cafe; Escalls Chapel; First and Last Pub; Old Success; Saint Sennen Church; Sennen Churchtown Hall; Sennen Costcutter; Sennen Market - Community Hall; Sennen School; Sennen Pre-School and Smart Surf School.

* 1. Please indicate the age of your baby/toddler

* 2. How often do you and your child use/visit the Hall?

* 3. What have you and your child used the Hall for?

* 4. Have you had problems using the Hall with your child? (you may tick more than one answer)

* 5. What activities would you like to see at the Hall for you and your young child?  
1 = of most interest to you, through to 3 = least interest.

  1 - Most interest 2 - Moderate interest 3 - Least interest N/A - I may be interested in the future but not at the moment
Weekly parent club
Creative activities for your child (e.g. arty classes)
Dance class for your child
Gym tots, gymnastics for your child
Pre-school games for your child
Outdoor play area for your child
Outdoor organised activities (e.g. den play)
Music, singing, drama classes
Fundraising events with your child (e.g. jumble sales, auctions, fetes)
Birthday parties and other family events
Soft play surface outside

* 6. Would you use the Hall for a baby/young children's party or other event?

* 7. The Churchtown Hall could help...  (you may tick more than one answer):

* 8. Where do you and your baby/toddler live?

* 9. Would you like to say anything else?

Thank you for your time and support.