1. Survey introduction for children

We are Global Child Forum, a non-profit foundation based in Sweden. We work with global companies and encourage them to consider children’s issues in their business.  We’re keen to find out what you think about companies, which children's issues they should focus on, and what actions they should take.

Why are you carrying out this survey?
Because our organisation is turning 10 years old this year and to mark our anniversary, we will be writing a report on the top 10 children's rights issues we think require urgent attention from companies.
Why are you asking children what they think?
Because we think your views are important. We believe companies need to hear what children think they should be doing, and doing better!  

Are you not going to ask adults what they think?
Yes, we will!  We’ve designed a separate surveys for adults. We're asking lots of different people what they think.

Do I have to tell you my name?
No, not at all.  We will ask you three personal questions only: the country you're from, your gender, and your age, to ensure you are 11 years old or older.

How does the survey work?
The first thing you’ll need to do is to agree you want to do the survey by ticking [Yes] at the end of this page.  Once you've done that, your parent/carer will need to agree that you can complete the survey too, by ticking [Yes].  

Why does my parent/carer need to agree?
We want to make sure they're okay with you giving your views and spending your time on this.

So, what do you want me to do?
When you have both agreed, you'll be presented with some questions.  All you need to do is select your response. There's no right or wrong answer; we just want to hear your views.

How long will the survey take?
Only 5 minutes; this is by far the longest page you’ll read!

What if I start the survey but don’t want to continue?
That’s fine!  On each page, you’ll see an [Exit] button at the top right hand corner. You can press it at any time. 
What if I press [Exit] by accident?
No worries… Just go to the original weblink that you were sent, and you’ll return to this page.

What if I don’t understand the question?
That's okay. If you don't understand the question, you can always select [Don't know].

Will I be expected to write in my views?
No, not at all.  We've provided tick boxes so it's easy to select your answer.  But if you want to tell us more, there are a few comment boxes for you to write in.

Once I’ve done the survey, will I be able to see other responses?
Everyone's views will be kept private. However, we will be writing a report once the survey has closed based on the gathered information.  In the report, we will refer to general views, such as '50% of girls and boys aged 11-13 years old thought...'  This way, you'll be able to understand how others responded. 
How can I read the report if you’re not asking for my contact details?
If you want to read the report, at the end of the survey we'll ask you to ask your parent/carer if it's okay for them to be sent it via e-mail.  If they agree, we'll ask you to write in their e-mail address.

Okay, I think I know everything now… where do I start?
Great! In advance, thank you for telling us your views. To start, just press [Next].

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* 2. Please select your gender

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* 3. Which country are you from?

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* 4. Consent: Child

I have read the GCF survey - Introduction for Children and I agree to participate in Global Child Forum's Children’s Rights and Business Survey.

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* 5. Consent: Parent/Carer

I agree that my child may participate in Global Child Forum's Children’s Rights and Business Survey.