Scholarly publishing requires different publishers, libraries, and research organisations to work in harmony to produce and provide access to scholarly works.

Organisations in the different sectors have different challenges, cultures, opportunities and objectives. This questionnaire is trying to identify the biggest challenges faced by each of the sectors, and how the other two sectors can help with overcoming the challenges.

For the purposes of this survey, we are using the following definitions:

Publisher/Publishing - any individual who works for an organisation that is a publisher of scholarly research, or any that provides services/platforms to a publisher.

Library/Librarian - any individual who works for a library, or similar section in an organisation, with responsibility for governing access to research portals, journal subscriptions etc.

Researcher - any individual who is either regularly trying to access other research, or who is trying to get their own research published.

This project is being undertaken by Research Information magazine.

If you have any questions about this survey, please email David Stuart, who is conducting this research on behalf of Research Information.


Question Title

* 1. Which sector most closely aligns with your work?