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Tameside Council is aspiring to become a member of The Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network (CCIN). CCIN was established to promote the delivery of local services in a co-operative or co-productive manner.

In the face of funding cuts co-operative Councils aim to transform local public services from a top-down system to a co-operative approach involving collective action, co-operation, empowerment and enterprise.

Although the precise model varies by service, it is believed that co-operative approaches can be applied to almost every aspect of local government, including community regeneration, economic development, youth services, housing, leisure, social services and education.

However, the approach is about giving people choice and control over the public services they use, not turning all services into co-operatives or replacing professionals with volunteers.

There is potential for co-operatives, mutuals and local residents to provide new, flexible, personalised and more effective ways of delivering services to local communities in the face of challenging funding cuts.

Co-operatives models offer more flexibility for citizen and workers’ needs and may help councils retain local jobs and investment. Co-operative values can contribute to all aspects of the local economy and put long term social benefit ahead of short-term private gain.

For more information about Co-operative Councils please click here

For some examples of how we are already working in co-operation with the community, please click here

We would be grateful if you could provide your views and suggestions in response to the questions below. Your feedback will help inform the process of working towards becoming a co-operative council.

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1. To help achieve our ambition of becoming a co-operative council we are considering adopting the values and principles of the Co-Operative Councils' Innovation Network. These values are summarised below. 

Please indicate which three of the values below you believe to be the most important. (Please select three options only)

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2. Can you think of any current examples of co-operative working in Tameside that meet the principles as outlined above? (Please state in box below)

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3. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for how the council could work more cooperatively? (Please state in the box below)

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