This page will allow you to sign up to take part in the second phase of the Active Ageing Consultation, launched by ukactive Research Institute, in partnership with EGYM in September 2020. The first phase of this consultation involved an online case study submission for examples of solutions, programmes, initiatives and commissioning models that support individuals like yourselves to be active. These submissions came from across the fitness and leisure sector. 

The second phase is to review these case studies and if possible attend an online focus group to discuss general themes with others.

a) Case study review – you will be provided with two to three anonymous electronic written case studies to review. Review criteria will be provided and will ask you to score and feedback on the case studies based on factors such as setting, cost, number of participants, frequency or duration, type of offering or service and type of activity. The review criteria is standardised so we can make comparisons of your ratings with others.

b) Focus group participation – following the written review you have the opportunity to take part in a focus group to share your opinions on what you feel should be included or not in an offering for older people to be active. Additionally we would like to understand how or if this has changed since the covid-19 pandemic and what our sector can do to support you to remain or better your physical health. The focus group will last up to 60 minutes and be hosted online by two members of the ukactive Research Institute. The focus groups will be recorded and transcribed so the data can be used in analysis.
Please let us know you are interested in taking part by filling out the questions below or email 

Thank you for your support.

ukactive Research Institute.

Data protection

All data will be viewed with confidence and is collected for research purposes only. Your individual answers will not be shared and your person will not be identifiable by name. All information provided within this sign up form will remain confidential and stored securely in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). You will only be contacted for the purposes of this research, outlined below.

By signing up, you agree to take part in the research and understand that data collected during the study  (e.g. through the focus groups) will be looked at by individuals from the ukactive Research Institute. This will be shared in an anonymised format where it is relevant to your taking part in this research.

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