We want to hear the views and experiences of carers on social work, to help us further develop good social work practice.

What is this survey about?

We are developing a capabilities statement and CPD pathway for social workers working with adults with learning disabilities
The Department of Health and Social Care has commissioned BASW to develop two documents for social work with adults with learning disability: 1) Capabilities Statement and 2) Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Pathway.

The first document will show what knowledge and skills social workers need in order to practice with people who have learning disabilities. The second document will outline the training that they require after they have qualified. Together, these two new documents are practice frameworks for social work because, they explain what good social work in learning disability services means and how it should be done.

To develop the two practice frameworks, we are consulting with stakeholders in learning disability services. These include adults with learning disability, social workers and their managers, universities who train social workers, and carers.

Why are we seeking the views of carers?

We are asking carers to complete this survey because as they care for friends and family members, they understand what people who use services need and what they as carers need from services. They also know how services work and they may be able to tell us how to improve social work practice.
What will be the outcome(s) of this survey?
The information from this survey will be combined with views of people with learning disabilities and other stakeholders to create the first draft of the Capability Statement and CPD Pathway. We will then consult further to refine and develop the resources.