Thank you for your interest in the Care Futures programme.

This first phase of the programme is focused on understanding the pandemic experience given the significant changes and impacts across many different areas of practice both in care homes and care at home.

If you have experience of working or connecting with care homes or care at home services we invite you to take part in this survey series to share your experience.

This week the survey is focused on the theme of ‘Partnership'.
We are using the word 'partnership' to describe different organisations or people working together to support care delivery.  We are interested to hear your experiences of working with others in partnership or your experience of care and support as a result of different organisations and people working together.
In this theme we are interested to explore new or different ways of working with wider health, social care, community and other partners that have developed during COVID-19, what the impact of these partnerships has been on care delivery and what forms of support and/or collaboration have been most valuable.

The survey has 3 sections: Experience of Partnership, Impact of Partnership and Future Partnership.

f you would like to see the questions in advance to help you complete the survey fully, you can download a PDF of the survey here - download survey questions.

You can also download Word copies of the survey to complete by hand or to distribute to others - download Word survey questions.

Please send any completed survey responses to carefutures@scottishcare.org

Each week we will share a survey based on the weekly theme topic we are exploring. Each survey will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete and there will be 6 surveys in total over the 6 weeks. You can choose to take part in as many or as little as you wish.

You can access previous surveys at: https://scottishcare.org/project/collective-care-future/

If you don’t feel that you have had direct working experience with the independent care sector during the pandemic but you would like to be involved in the second phase of the programme, please let us know and we will be in contact in due course.