Stop the destruction of Coulsdon's heritage

You may have heard about the appalling planning application to demolish two historic cottages in Coulsdon and replace them with a golden monstrosity (pictured).

This application to demolish an elegant pair of semi-detached properties, the last surviving buildings associated with Cane Hill Hospital, and build a modern gold clad block of nine flats, is outrageous.

Contrary to Optivo’s statement in their submitted Design and Access report that ‘… it will rejoice resemblances of the existing surrounding context and respect the land’, their proposal is completely unsuited to this site and rides rough-shod through the special nature and character of this Coulsdon site. It would be more at home in Las Vegas!

Please email this to as many of your friends and neighbours as possible so they can object too:

We should be respecting and looking after our heritage assets - not bulldozing them and replacing them with ‘playful modern takes’ on historic cottages.

* 1. I call on the council to reject the planning application for demolition of the Cane Hill Cottages and to reject any plans for the four storey replacement. The council should be looking after our local heritage.

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Thank you for signing the petition. Please do also email your objection directly to the council at, quoting reference 17/03568/FUL and explaining why you object. The deadline for objections is 15th August.