UNISON wrote to the CEO on 6th September 2017 about late finishes and meal breaks - you can read the letter here - incorporated into a paper for SPF

It’s massively disappointing that since that letter the Trust has used ARP to bring in imposed negative changes to meal breaks and late finishes.

There’s a very long timeline over these issues and it’s our view we only moved forwards last year, due to the strong response from our members (thank you) who took part in an indicative ballot and considerable campaigning.

Due to the recent negative changes and the Trust not listing to UNISON, we are now escalating the dispute, this means we need your help.

We’re planning considerable campaigning and media.

If you have any personal stories about late finishes, the impact on your home life/health and wellbeing, and how you feel about this issue, please provide them in this survey.

UNISON is also planning campaign events and we'd welcome assistance from any members willing to take part in these.