Before you begin, please read the following information

Please remember
Completing this form does not guarantee that the Council will be able to identify a suitable site for you.

Don’t want to register?
You do not need to be on the register to self or custom build. This method of developing a home has always been possible through buying a plot of land with planning permission, or buying a suitable plot of land and applying for planning permission. The new register is intended to promote this form of development.

How to register
If you would like to register, please complete this application form. Some of the questions on the form are mandatory and you must answer these to be included on the register. Entry is only for those wishing to have their sole or main home in the Borough.

We will process your form in accordance with our Privacy Notice (Fair Processing Notice). By completing the form, you consent to us processing your personal data in accordance with the Notice.
Removal from the register
You can write to us at any time to ask to amend your entry or to ask be removed. Please do let us know if you are no longer looking for a plot in Burnley. We will contact you periodically to confirm that you wish to remain on the register.
Contact information and further advice
Will be contact you within 28 days of receipt of your completed application form. For further advice on completing the application please visit the self-build page on the council's website.
Proof of identity
Before we can process your application, the regulations require us to have proof of your identity. This is explained in detail on the next page.