That’s right! The National Burger Awards is back for 2018. This is your chance to showcase your burger flair to the industry and win £1,000 while you’re at it!

The competition is open to chefs across the casual dining, hotel, pub and bar sectors. All entries are taken online via this website. The closing date for trade entries is Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

The event takes place on Wednesday 21st February 2018 at the Islington Metal Works, London.

To enter, chefs need to submit the recipe and method behind their most popular burger on the menu – the one they’re most proud of and that customers can’t stop ordering.  

Once shortlisted, 16 finalists will be required to compete in a cook-off consisting of two rounds. They will firstly be required to cook their own signature burger in front of our judges, before creating a technical burger made up from a specific selection of ingredients that we will supply on the day. Finally, they will be tasked with creating a burger in the Booker Mystery Box Round, for which ingredients will also be provided.

Your own burger will be judged on:

• How the burger is assembled and presented
• Quality and cooking of meat/patty
• Condiments and extra fillings
• Overall flavour profile
• Texture, quality and consistency of the burger

Your Technical Burger and Booker Mystery Box Burger will be judged on:

• Creativity with supplied ingredients
• Originality in cooking method and presentation
• Added flair and personal touches (although no other ingredients may be added!)

Three awards will be presented that evening; Technical Burger of the Year, Burger Chef of the Year and the overall National Burger of the Year – which comes with the grand prize of £1,000.

Should you make the finals, further details and timings will be supplied on notification... Good luck!