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 The Government's announcement in December 2018, launching the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission has put a new focus on the importance of high quality design or ‘beauty’ when building the homes the nation needs.

This commission is now advocating for ‘beauty in the built environment’. Civic Voice’s campaigning over the past few years, through the collaborative planning campaign and the Civic Voice Design Awards, has started to make the necessary impact in Government. We now need to use this commission as an opportunity to influence the future direction of how homes are built across England.

We want your help to respond to the commission and consider how we put communities at the heart of it.

The following survey will inform Civic Voice’s response to the Government’s Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission, but, as the issues raised are at the heart of what Civic Voice is about, we want to go further with this campaign and continue working on it for the next 12-18 months. This survey, therefore, is a key component of Civic Voice’s work for the coming year, leading up to our 10th anniversary in April 2020. We will also use the results to feed into the discussion at our forthcoming Parliamentary meetings.

The survey will take between ten and fifteen minutes to complete. If you feel you need to elaborate further on any of the questions, please do so. Similarly, if you do not wish to answer any questions please leave them blank.

The survey is anonymous, but, if you want to stay involved in our discussion and debate and would be happy to for Civic Voice to contact you, please complete the following. Civic Voice will process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. All personal information will remain confidential.  Civic Voice will use your response to inform our final report to the commission.

The deadline is 1st March at 12 noon for responses.

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