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* 2. Online Impact 


Which LGBT+ online influencers have made an impact on your LGBT+ experience? You can nominate anyone from YouTube vloggers to social media stars! 

* 3. Celebrity Straight Ally

This category looks for a celebrity who has used their fame to impact LGBT+ lives, and who has demonstrated support for the LGBT+ community. This important award recognises and thanks those outside the LGBT+ community who support equality and inclusion.

Past winners: HRH Prince William, Daniel Radcliffe, Brian May

* 4. LGBT+ Celebrity

Is there an LGBT+ celebrity who has proven to be a positive role model for you or others, who has come out in the face of adversity or who supports the LGBT+ community in a positive way? Nominate them here. 

Past winners: Lauren Jauregui, Clare Balding, Stephen Fry, Alan Carr, Graham Norton

* 5. Music Artist

"Music speaks where words can't." This category celebrates a music artist or group with a large LGBT+ following, who has spoken out on and shown support on LGBT+ issues.

Past winners: Years & Years, Adam Lambert, Sam Smith

* 6. LGBT+ Broadcaster/Journalist

This category looks for an LGBT+ individual who has made an outstanding contribution to delivering subject matter, news or content. The nominee will have an influence on public views of the LGBT+ community through media such as online journalism, television or publishing.

Past winners: Clare Balding, Jane Hill, Graham Norton, Evan Davis

* 7. Media Moment

What's been your favourite LGBT+ moment in the media? This awards is for an act of significance for the LGBT+ community which has taken place in the media, from factual events witnessed on the news or in print, to fictional events which have taken place on stage, film, TV or radio.

Past winners: Rylan and Dan Clark-Neal Present This Morning, Boy meets Girl airs on BBC2

* 8. Best Destination

We are looking for the most popular travel destination for LGBT+ people. Nominations should include hotspots that welcome the British LGBT+ public and are known to be LGBT+ friendly.

Past winners: Los Angeles, Stockholm

* 9. Charity or Community Initiative

Charities and community initiatives continue to change the everyday lives of LGBT+ people. This category is looking for organisations with campaigns which have had a strong focus on the needs of LGBT+ people or have raised awareness to wider society.

Past winners: Kick Homophobia Out Of Football, Stonewall, NSPCC's The Safe Network, LGBT Foundation

* 10. Outstanding Contribution To LGBT+ Life

This category is looking for a LGBT+ influencer, activist, campaigner or trailblazer in the  LGBT+ community. Someone who has made a significant impact, either on a grass roots level as part of a larger organisation, or as an individual.

Past winners: Chardine Taylor-Stone

* 11. Brand & Marketing Campaign

Is there a brand that you've noticed wearing its pride colours? Did they feature a same-sex couple in their marketing promotions? Or maybe they're just popular with the LGBT+ demographic... submit your nominations here! 

Past winners: Netflix, MTV, Channel 4