Brand management in small charities

Branding has been emphatically proven to deliver benefits to large charities and commercial companies, can small charities (£1m and under) see similar benefits?

Red Pencil carried out research into this question with Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness (CCE) and developed some models to help small charities define brand management (including rebranding) and understand its potential benefits. 

Cass CCE and Red Pencil want to share the research findings wider but, before we do, we would like to know whether these models could help YOUR organisation? Please take the survey to find out.

We will send you a copy of your evaluation answers and and you could win a free brand consultation. We may also include your comments in the Cass CCE publication - raising your own brand profile!

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* 1. Who manages the brand in your charity?

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* 2. How would you describe your organisation's brand at the moment?