Please complete by 1st February.
If you complete online you do not need to fill in the paper questionnaire.

The Neighbourhood Plan is being drawn up by a Steering Group appointed by the Parish Council. The results of this questionnaire will determine the principles and overall direction of our Plan. So, it is important that you and your family take this opportunity to make your views known now.

We want everyone to have their say. Please remember, there is no right or wrong response. We just need to know what YOU think! If you feel there are issues we have not addressed, please tell us about them in the space at the end of the questionnaire.

Each address in the parish has received a questionnaire for the household to fill in. A ‘household’ is a family unit. If there is more than one household living at the address each can fill in a survey.

Your answers will be treated in confidence and will be analysed along with other people from the community. Questions you write or type in, will be read to identify themes and issues and useful phrases may be used to illustrate a theme or issue in the report. The Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will collect and analyse the responses and be responsible for storing your confidential data. They will not identify who said what, but it is possible the identity of someone may be guessed because of what they wrote.

We are asking for your postcode and other demographic details (such as age and type of house) so that we can make sure we have spoken to people from across the community.

Please complete this survey by the 1st February 2019.

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