A new survey for 2022 by boom! Global Network | Sponsored by Kinaxis

Welcome to the third annual boom! survey focused this year on what supply chain professionals need to thrive, particularly at this time of on-going disruption and uncertainty. 

Competition for talented supply chain professionals is hotter than ever. At the same time, the pandemic has created new opportunities for companies to reset expectations around how and where we work, as well as how to best support the well-being and on-going development of employees. How supply chain organisations respond to this will determine their success in attracting and retaining talent.

This anonymous survey aims to explore your personal perspectives on key topics including: 
  • Your career plans and motivations
  • The attributes you value and expect from your employer and line manager
  • The benefits, resources, and other elements you need to thrive in your role
  • The ingredients that keep you motivated as a supply chain professional 
By doing so, we aim to help shape the future of supply chain organisations and how we can collectively attract talent to the profession, keep, and empower them.   

We invite responses from all levels across the supply chain ecosystem, including internal supply chain organisations, consultancies, technology vendors, and providers of other related services. 

The survey takes 12 minutes to complete. Click on 'DONE' at the end to submit your responses.  

To receive a summary of the results, please leave your details at the end of the survey or follow us on LinkedIn for updates. 

Your privacy is important to us. The information you provide will be used for research purposes only. All responses will be treated anonymously and reported in aggregate. If you share your contact details, your data will be held only for the purposes of sharing the results. 

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Beth Morgan & Melanie Salter