About this survey

Your booking appointment is the first routine appointment you have with a midwife before your dating scan. At this appointment your midwife takes lots of information about you and shares lots of information with you about your maternity care and pregnancy.  

Please share your experiences of your most recent booking appointment. This will help us understand what was good and what could be better so we can help develop the care offered at the booking appointment.

This survey is from your local Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) - local parents working together with people who provide and commission maternity care in our area to improve maternity care. 

All responses are anonymous. A summary of the anonymous data will be shared with partners working with us to improve maternity care. (For more information about your MVP, applicable data protection laws and our Privacy Policy please visit Humber, Coast and Vale Maternity Voices Partnerships )

The survey will take about 5-10 mins so please complete it to help us with this work.