Torfaen County Borough Council on behalf of the Blaenavon Townscape Heritage Partnership has asked Chris Jones Regeneration to undertake an evaluation of Blaenavon’s Townscape Heritage Project.  

Funding for the project was approved in the summer of 2018, and before delivery starts, we’d like to understand your views on the role of heritage in the town centre.  We plan to come back to you in the summer of 2020 to understand your views half way through delivery and in 2022 when the work has been completed. In addition to supporting local property owners with improvements to buildings, the project is also about promoting knowledge of the town’s history and supporting community involvement within the conservation area.  Specific activities include:

 - Heritage based repairs to town centre properties through grants
 - Primary schools’ activities that help to promote local knowledge e.g. display on Blaenavon’s Townscape
 - Heritage construction skills and knowledge of working on historic buildings and within the town’s conservation area
 - Help owners access information to support maintenance using increased heritage skills
 - A series of community engagement activities through walking tours and exhibitions
 - The production of a community documentary film on the story of Blaenavon’s history
 - World Heritage celebration activities and day
 - Publish a book on Blaenavon’s townscape
 - The creation of interpretative hoardings for building and construction sites
 - Development of community exhibitions

We would therefore be grateful if you could complete the survey so we can understand your perceptions as well as how you may want to get involved.  You have until Friday, 29th March 2019 to complete the survey. 

Whilst you are not required to complete questions 1-8, any responses to these questions will support the research being carried out into who benefits from National Lottery Heritage Funding.  If you have specific queries on the survey, please email Thank you for your contribution to the process. 

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