We (NHS Brighton and Hove Clinical Commisisoning Group https://www.brightonandhoveccg.nhs.uk/) would like to ask you some questions about your experiences regarding the care you received relating to your cancer diagnosis. This helps us to understand where improvements can be made and help inform future plans. 


Questions 1 to 7 relate to the care you received at your GP practice. You are then given the option to end the survey after question 7 or continue with the survey to answer a further 18 questions about the care you received for your treatment (i.e. at hospital).


We will not ask you for your personal details so all answers you submit will be confidential. If you have a specific concern that you would like raised then please contact the relevant service in the first instance and if you need support to make a formal complaint please contact the CCG on: 01273 238 700 (this is to comment, complain or compliment) https://www.brightonandhoveccg.nhs.uk/get-involved/complain-comment-or-compliment


This survey is based on questions from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey which is commissioned by NHS England and provided by Quality Health. Their website is www.quality-health.co.uk


Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.