Welcome to BCCG's Mental Health Crisis Care Survey

Along with our partners across Bedfordshire, BCCG is looking at how we can improve the mental health crisis care response for adult residents living in Bedfordshire.

Crisis care in this review is: any response and provision to supporting individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

We would like your views on how we best support you/patients who are:

•           Older people with mental health needs
•           Working age adults with mental health needs
•           Individuals with learning disabilities and mental health needs
•           Individuals with autism and mental health needs
•           Individuals with drug and alcohol issues with mental health needs

We would also like you to consider individuals who may have: housing needs, be leaving or entering the criminal justice system and language and cultural needs. 

We have asked five open ended questions to allow you to share your views. This follows with service developments we are considering to support crisis care for the future. We would like to see if you are supportive of these options or not.

Additional background information is available here.

Patient, professional and public feedback is important to this review and we thank you for your time in completing this survey. 

This survey will close on Friday 25 August 2017.

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