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Your answers will help us improve the way students are represented collectively at Birmingham City University Students’ Union (BCUSU)

This survey will mainly ask about the full time Executive Officers at BCUSU. These elected officers (sabbatical trustees) help make up the Executive Officer team.

All of your responses will remain anonymous

Executive Officers (Sabbatical Trustees)

* Q2. If you answered Yes to Question 1, what persuaded you to vote? If you answered No, to Question 1, why did you not vote?

* Q3. How many elected full time Executive Officers (Sabbatical Trustees) do you think there are currently at BCUSU?

* Q4. Can you name any of the positions that make up the elected full time Executive Officers (Sabbatical Trustees)? If YES, please list as many positions as you know

* Q5. Of the following list of 10 Executive Officers titles, which ones do you believe there are at BCUSU?

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