On 22 May 2017, the City of London Corporation’s experimental safety scheme, Bank on Safety, became operational for up to 18 months. This means only pedal cyclists and buses are permitted to cross Bank Junction from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.
We would like feedback concerning your experiences since Bank on Safety has gone live, compared to how it was previously.

How do you normally travel in the vicinity (i.e. streets that bypass Bank Junction - Cannon Street, Bishopsgate, etc) and through or near (i.e. on the approach arms) Bank Junction?

  through or near Bank Junction in the vicinity of Bank Junction
Pedal cycle
Bus driver
Bus passenger
Taxi or private hire driver
Taxi or private hire passenger
Commercial driver 
Private vehicle driver
I do not travel in this area
Bank on Safety has four key success criteria, they are:
  • Must significantly improve road safety.
  • Maintain the ability for businesses to reasonably undertake servicing, deliveries and critical business movements.
  • Must not worsen the overall air quality in the wider area and desirably reduces pollution in the immediate location of the junction.
  • Must not unreasonably impact traffic flow, whilst preferably improving bus journey times
We are formally collecting monitoring data to verify the outcome of the experiment. We would like your comments on whether you think we are meeting these objectives in the questions to follow (this can be about Bank Junction or the surrounding area).

* What do you think is working well since Bank on Safety became operational?

* What do you think is not working well since Bank on Safety became operational?

The idea of experimenting with this scheme is to see how it works in practice before making a decision on whether it should be made permanent. The monitoring work combined with this consultation and feedback will be presented to Members at the City of London prior to any decision being taken on the permanency of this experiment. 

* Given your experiences, since the Bank on Safety scheme became operational, do you support these changes to becoming permanent?

* Any additional comments that you would like to make:

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