Avanti Schools Trust is a provider of high quality education for all through it’s growing number of inclusive Hindu schools in the UK. Our Trust and each of our schools are all based on developing the ideals of Educational excellence, Character formation and Spiritual insight. You can find out more about the Trust by visiting avanti.org.uk.

Govindas (not to be confused with Govindas Restaurant). We all know how much kids love animals, and it’s this simple compassion that inspires our approach to school lunches. We’re a conscious kitchen offering a purely vegetarian menu of familiar favourites alongside global gourmet goodies – all without harming creatures of the feathered, four-legged or fishy kind.

Currently, GOVINDA’S caters for a growing family of schools run by the Avanti Schools Trust. Their unique ethos means our menus have to be pretty special too.

Whether you are already involved in education or have an interest in doing so in the future, we would love to hear from you. Please complete the brief survey below so that we may contact you when we have opportunities/vacancies that fit your profile. We have no faith criteria in our recruitment process.

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