This is the registration page for ask an architect 2018. If your practice participated in 2017 you do not need to register in this way. 

Registration constitutes a commitment by your practice to raising at least £120 for the the Friends of the Cancer Centre through its partnership with the Jill Todd Trust.

If you have any queries about registration please contact Julia Leaker on or 028 9032 3760.

* 1. Practice Details

* 2. Number of Consultations
How many one hour consultations are you, as a practice, offering through 'ask an architect' ?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 3. Contact for bookings
You will be notified of 'ask an architect' bookings via email. On receiving the email it will be your responsibility to contact the donor/customer to arrange where and when you will have the consultation.

Please provide a contact name for bookings and an email address that is monitored on a daily basis.

* 4. Practice Promotion
Your practice will be promoted on the ask an architect website. In no more that 260 characters (including spaces) tell customers/donors a bit about your practice.

* 5. Social Media
We intend to make widespread us of social media to raise the profile of 'ask an architect'. Please provide details of any social media accounts you use for work