Restarting and revamping careers

Have you returned to paid work following a career break?  Your break could have been a total break from work or perhaps a period doing a less demanding role somewhere. We would love to hear you experiences and advice for others.

1. If you had one, how long was your career break?

3. Which of the following did you use to try to find work (tick all that apply)

4. Of those channels, which was the most effective? (Choose only one)

5. How long were you actively looking for work

7. What are your working patterns now?

8. How does your current job compare to what you were doing before your break?

  Less than before About the same  More than before
Level of seniority
Level of responsibility
Career progression opportunities
Training and development opportunities
Job satisfaction

9. If you are working flexibly, how was this achieved

10. Which of the following did you do during your break? (tick any that apply)

11. To what extend did any of these activities help prepare you for your return to work?

  Very little Somewhat Very much so N/A
Became prime carer for children
Volunteer work
Paid job but with less responsibility, working at a lower level
Formal training or study programme, general interest
Formal training with specific career choice in mind
Informal learning & study
Started a business
Engaged with alumni groups of previous employer
Joined professional networking group(s)
Relocated due to partner's job
Took on caring responsibility for parents or relatives

12. Please add any thoughts, learnings or advice you would like to share with anyone looking to return after a career break.

13. In which country or region do you currently reside?

14. What is your gender

15. She's Back campaigns on a range of issues surrounding women and work.  Please leave your contact details if you would like to stay in touch.