1. Introduction

In September 2017 the Charity Commission announced a consultation on the proposed changes to the Annual Return 2018 (AR18). 

The Charity Commission is conducting a two year project to review the information they collect from charities. The proposed changes in the Annual Return 2018 consultation are considered by the Charity Commission to be the most significant since 2013.

CFG has a number of concerns about the suggested proposals in the Annual Return 2018 consultation. This consultation is an opportunity for us to mobilise charities to ensure that the Annual Return remains an effective reporting tool that is focused on benefiting charities, while advancing the public interest.

The more charities that take part in this consultation, the better we'll be able to influence the final model of the Annual Return. So please spread this to colleagues and let us know whether you support our position.

Thank you for participating in our consultation.

* 1. What is the size of your organisation?

* 2. How many staff does your organisation employ?

* 3. What activities does your organisation undertake

* 4. What is your role in your organisation?