1. Survey information and participant consent

Thank you for participating in this survey. We value your input!
AQUACOSM_plus is undertaking a survey of research using aquatic mesocosm systems to address grand ecological challenges with an aim to enhancing future research in this area.
We are interested in the views of anyone engaged in aquatic ecology research, whether or not they have used mesocosms before. Please share this among your aquatic science research network!
The survey has between 13-23 questions and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Completing this survey will enable voluntary participation at an online workshop session to be held following the AQUACOSM_plus General Assembly (Oct 17-21) where survey results will be analysed and discussed. The online session (time TBD) will be open to any survey participants and travel to attend in person will be funded for a limited number of participants.

Data usage and privacy statement

We employ steps to ensure the professional handling of all data that result from our surveys. The following information details the purpose of this study, the use(s) of gathered data and the process of data storage. Please read this information and provide your consent to the terms of agreement to participate in the study at the end.

Aim of the study
To understand how aquatic mesocosms are being used to address grand ecological challenges and enhance future experimental research in this area.

Voluntary participation
Participation in this study is voluntary. If you do participate but wish to withdraw at a later stage, your data will be removed from the study. Your withdrawal can occur at any point during or after the study, but your data may be included in a report or peer-reviewed article if the request occurs after the report/article is submitted.

Advantages of participation
Survey completion will lead to an invitation to participate in a subsequent workshop in October, with unlimited participation in an online session and a limited number of participants funded to attend the full workshop in person.
Disadvantages of participation
There are no foreseen disadvantages to participating in this study. The survey will require a time investment of approximately 15 minutes (depending on responses).

Confidentially of participation and data protection
All sensitive data gathered during analyses and reporting will be protected through anonymization of personal information, such as name, employment position and contact information. 
We are obliged to archive your data. Participation in this study implies your permission to do so. With this, we follow the relevant regulations including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). During the research project, your full data are only accessible to AQUACOSM_plus Work Package 3, Task 3 project members. You can always contact us at aquacosm.eu if you wish to have access to your data.

Verbal and written communications about this survey data (as outlined in the following section) will preserve the confidentiality of participants. The AQUACOSM network projects adopt an Open Access Policy in which all published data will be accessible to the public.
What happens with the results of this survey?
The results of this survey will be analysed and discussed in a subsequent workshop and will be published in a related report. Prior to reporting, results will be anonymized as outlined above. Other communications of survey results will include verbal discussions, presentations and peer-reviewed articles.

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