How are app stores changing traditional software engineering life cycle processes?
Help research design and build the proper tools for you.
How to fill this survey
Think about your practices when interacting with the app store. The survey is arranged to take you through the journey of building an app starting from conception and ending with performance metrics. Finally, we'll ask you about demographics before concluding the survey.
More About This Study
This is an exploratory study conducted by a team of researchers in the Systems Software Engineering research group at University College London. The goal of this study is to measure how much, and in what way, do app stores change how software engineers design, develop, test and maintain mobile apps. We believe that an exploratory study will aid in understanding the current practices of developers which will lead to a better informed research and the design of better tools.
UCL Ethics project number: 6917/001
UCL Data Protection Registration reference No Z6364106/2015/04/16, section 19, research: social research.
All data will be collected and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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