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Angels Evening Meetings

Angels currently run 4 Evening meetings a term, some of which are a workshop format, some which are informal parent support groups.  Over the last two terms, numbers attending these groups have dropped off, and we are trying to understand why, and how we can better meet your needs.

Whenever we ask for feedback, a number of parents say that they would like support to be available in the evenings, often because they work during the day.  

We would, therefore be very grateful if you would answer a few questions. This should take no longer than a couple of minutes.

Question Title

* 1. Firstly, were you aware we hold evening meetings?

Question Title

* 2. Secondly, would you like to be able to access Angels during the evening?

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* 3. What kind of support would you want available from Angels in the evening?

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* 4. If you haven't been able to attend our evening meetings, what is the reason?

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* 5. Thank you very much for your answers, they will help us make sure we are supporting you all in the way that you need. 

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