Understanding Overseas

Are you currently posted overseas or have you been posted overseas in the last three years?  If so, AFF would like to hear about your family's experiences of your overseas assignment.

What have been the positives of your assignment and what are the key challenges?

Or if have you not undertaken an overseas assignment, tell us why.

AFF recognises that work has been undertaken to review policies and support overseas but we are aware there are still some enduring issues.  We also know that Service families recently based overseas have experienced significant challenges over the last 18 months related to the impacts of COVID-19 and the exit from the EU.

To enable AFF to collate the evidence we need, the survey does cover a variety of topics (although not all areas may be applicable to all families) and may take up to 15 mins to complete.  We really appreciate your support in providing AFF with this important evidence to ensure that overseas issues are highlighted to key decision makers.

Question Title

* 1. Have you been posted overseas in the last three years?

3% of survey complete.