About you and your use of the ACAT website

We want to learn more about the way people use the ACAT website www.acat.me.uk so that we can develop our web presence.  We would like people to be more aware of Cognitive Analytic Therapy and to understand it better.  This brief survey asks your views on this through asking 10 questions.  It's likely to take about 9 minutes to complete.

Responses to the survey will be used to help inform our public engagement initiative.  We will share results with people coming along to engagement and co-design events, and may include them in ACAT articles and reports. 

The survey is anonymous unless you decide to share your contact details at the end.  If you do give us personal data (eg name, email address, phone number) we will keep this securely and will not share it with any third parties.  No personal data will be shared at engagement and co-design events.

This page asks about how you identify yourself and how you use the ACAT website currently.

Question Title

* 1. How would you describe yourself? Please tick as many as apply

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* 2. How often do you visit the ACAT website?

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* 3. For what reasons do you visit the ACAT website?  Tick as many as apply

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* 4. If you advise others to visit the ACAT website, please say what reasons lead you to do so.  Please tick as many as apply