Introduction and Application Notes

XTX Markets condemns the war in Ukraine. We are continuing to support humanitarian relief agencies, including UNHCR. Given our wider focus on education, we are also supporting at risk students and researchers whom have been forced to flee due to the war, including for voicing their opposition to it.

XTX Markets has launched an Academic Sanctuaries Fund of £15m over three years. Overall, the goal is to help deliver more and better academic sanctuary places for students and researchers forced to flee their homes due to the war in Ukraine. Universities and charities can apply for funding to cover costs associated with providing places, plus capacity building and innovation projects.
At the end of three years, we hope that the fund will have helped to:
  • Deliver more and better academic sanctuary places
  • Create scalable models that can be easily adopted by universities
  • Support home universities and communities, especially in Ukraine
  • Support the diaspora to thrive, then return home when they are able
  • Build infrastructure and improve co-ordination of academic sanctuaries
  • Encourage other donors and policymakers to support academic sanctuaries

Application Notes

We intend to approve and disburse funds via a ‘fast grants’ process that includes this application, then, for shortlisted organisations, a video call and/or supplementary written questions. We aim to make funding decisions within 2-3 weeks.
Please keep your responses short, factual and to the point. You do not need to meet all six goals of the fund. Instead, we are looking for you to tell us specifically what your project will do and how it will meet one or more of the goals.
Before you complete this application, please read the FAQs.
Please note - Survey Monkey will save your answers if you go back and forth between sections, but not if you leave the site. Therefore, we recommend writing your answers in a separate document, then copying and pasting into this form. No data will be submitted until you click 'Submit' on the final page.