Thank you for attending one of our exhibitions or for visiting our website We welcome your views by 19th February 2018 on Drax’s proposals to develop gas-fired power plants at Abergelli Farm.

APL will use the personal information supplied in this feedback form solely in connection with the consultation process and the proposed planning application. Responses may be made publicly available, but personal details will be kept confidential. Respondents do not have to provide any personal information, but this information will help us to understand the range of responses, and to provide updates about the project and the outcome of the consultation. Where we use third parties to support this process, we may share the feedback form with them but only under obligations of confidentiality and data protection.

We would also like to keep in touch with you as the project develops. If you would like to be kept informed, please fill in your contact details (postal address, email).

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* 10. Abergelli Power is committed to ensuring that the Project will bring broader benefits to the community, for example through the development of skills and training. APL will work with City and County of Swansea Council to establish the most effective means to deliver such benefits and we’d like to know what you see as priorities in supporting the local community?
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* 11. We have since taken into account further information and prepared an updated Preliminary Environmental Information Report that identifies potential benefits and impacts. Do you have any comments on our preliminary findings?

* 12. If you have comments about the Project (in particular the proposed route option(s) for accessing the Project and the indicative layout of the power generation plant), or any other information we should be aware of, please share below.

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