Canada’s Emergency Management Framework (EMF) – What about continuity? 

In May 2017, Canada’s Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Emergency Management unveiled an updated version of An Emergency Management Framework for Canada. The Framework con-siders the impacts of climate change and reinforces the need for all areas of society to collaborate on en-hanced resilience. However in a recent article, BCI associate members Pat Curran and Tor Fosnæs suggest that the Framework ignores the importance of ensuring continuity of government operations in circum-stances of crisis and disaster. The article can be found here:

A Framework infographic is found here:!AptWX8guCH4IgcgdvCSH5SjQT53rnw

You are invited to attend a discussion on Canada’s EMF and whether enough emphasis is being placed on building capacity for business continuity and organizational resilience at the local level. In addition, Gianluca Riglietti from the Global BCI office will present on the newly released Emergency Communications Report (see 

This session should be of interest to Emergency Management and Business Continuity planners among local government, and within provincial and federal departments and agencies. The forum, will be held: 

09:30 - 13:30 NST

Boardroom/Training Room

Combined Services Building

St. John’s International Airport

January 23, 2018

Directions to the Combined Services Building is here:!AptWX8guCH4Igcge9un8T-j4QMbL7w

As parking is limited, car-pooling is recommended.

This session, the second in a series of Atlantic Canada BCI Forum events, is brought to you by BCI Canada.

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