Alumni Survey

* 1. Personal Contact Details

* 2. In which year did you undertake your Nuffield Research Placement?

* 3. If you are studying/have studied at a University, which University have you studied at?

* 4. What did you study at University?

* 5. If your place of work/study is different to your home address, in which region would you prefer to participate in Student Ambassador activities?

* 6. We are always looking for alumni to help promote the NRP scheme to the next generation of students. If you are interested in becoming a Nuffield Student Ambassador, please indicate the type of volunteering you would like to do:

* 7. Some of our alumni are now working researchers and this question relates to you. The NRP scheme relies on professionals agreeing to host students in their organisations. Placements don’t have to be lab-based – students can undertake desktop research, statistical analysis or work on technology development projects. Would you be interested in hosting a student in the future?