Shortage Occupation List 2018: Call for Evidence  

In June 2018, the government commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to carry out a full review of the composition of the shortage occupation list (SOL), to report in spring 2019. The MAC was asked to start the review of the SOL in the autumn.

In order to asses which occupations and job titles should be added to the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) uses both national data and evidence submitted by stakeholders. The MAC considers both sets of evidence in combination.

The MAC is adopting a new approach to its call for evidence and engagement with stakeholders. The MAC will focus on specific
job titles rather than broader occupations and requires evidence that supports this approach. The evidence
produced by stakeholders is very important in helping to assess which job titles are in shortage. The MAC ask that all respondents to this call for evidence complete an online form that will comprise their evidence to this review of the SOL.

Questions with an asterisk require an answer.

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Thanks once again for taking part, your views and opinions are highly valued.