UoL Naturist Society

Hello, Thanks for visiting this page to find out more about the University of London Naturist Society.

This is the place to show an interest in becoming a member!

Lots of people have started to discuss their positive experiences of naturism in the British mainstream media, including celebrities like Kate Humble from Country file, and Dame Helen Mirren

“I love being on beaches where everyone is naked. Ugly people, beautiful people, old people, whatever. It’s so unsexual and so liberating.” - Dame Helen Mirren

Recent University of London research has proven the positive health benefits and Dr Keon West in keen to continue expanding on his work.

We need to gather an expression of interest from as many people as possible to allow formation of the society so please fill it in and ask your friends if you think they might be interested too.

There are already a number of activities across various campuses, the weekly swim at student central, and life drawing on Wednesdays at the Art Society.  The proposal is to create a formal managed society with many more opportunities for activities and meetings.

The 'what activities are you interested in' question has some links next to the descriptions, giving examples of other people organising similar things.

British Naturism have a lot of national and local events and there will be opportunities to link to their organisation. Events are on their homepage.

Some of the other things that would be interesting to explore may be linking up with yoga, meditation, vegetarian, festival going and other sport societies once we are established.

- The information in this form is confidential.
- The society is open to any University of London student.
- The society is completely non sexual! 
- No commitment to join is made at this stage, this is to help get the society started.
- Society minibus transport is available and we have a driver.
- There will be opportunities to become involved in the society elected board / committee.

About me - Rob Hargreaves, Psychology Student 

I've been inspired by British Naturism and people whilst traveling around Europe and staying at many naturist resorts over the last few years. 

Naturism has helped me be happier with my body image after suffering from Body Dysmorphia and I want to help spread the message and create opportunities for people to meet.

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* 5. If you have already had any naturist experiences please tell us about them

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