COSRT Evaluation Project Questionnaire


Routine outcome measurement in psychotherapy is crucial as it can be used to answer questions regarding the effectiveness of a particular intervention and sex therapy overall. It is also possible for this kind of data to be combined with other information such as the therapists' modality (e.g. Humanistic, CBT, Psychodynamic etc.) and the clients' demographic information (e.g. gender, age, ethnicity, presenting issues etc.), which can be analysed to help us understand what helps our clients and why. The NHS will only use evidence-based therapy and funding bodies require some indication of the effectiveness of the therapy our members offer if they are to support our bids for funding.

For some years COSRT has been trying to develop an outcome measurement tool to measure the efficacy of psychosexual therapy. We ran a major project with CORE-MS and Relate known as STOMP. Whilst this project yielded much useful information, the tool was complex to use and the attrition rate was high.

At the end of this phase, CORE shared with COSRT the Personal Questionnaire tool (PQ) which incorporates the Helpful Aspects of Therapy tool (HAT). It was then decided to add CORE 34 as a statistically valid tool and pilot these three tools together.

COSRT ran this pilot from May to November 2015 and the results were encouraging, showing that the clients returned to a CORE 34 score that was within a normal population range following therapy, even when they started in the clinical range. This suggested that their therapy had been effective.

Before we embark on the next stage of the project we wanted to know more about our members’ experience and views. For example do you use a tool you find useful? Would you pay for a tool or a full practice management system (PMS) * ? We have therefore developed the attached survey which will provide much crucial information. We would be so grateful if you could take 10 minutes to complete the survey.
Thank you.

*A practice management system (PMS) is a system that integrates the day-to-day operations of a practice. Such software frequently allows users to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance providers, perform billing tasks, and produce generate reports and letters. It can also collate data from a evaluation tool.

* 1. Where do you work? Please tick all that apply

* 2. How many clinical hours a week do you work?

* 3. How would you describe yourself?

* 4. What measurement tools do you currently use? Tick all that apply

* 5. If you use an evaluation tool, how useful do you find it?

* 6. Are you required to use a tool in your workplace

* 7. Would you choose to use a tool in your work place

* 8. Do you use a practice management system (PMS) in your practice?

* 9. Would you buy into a practice management system (PMS) if it were available through COSRT?

* 10. Have you been involved in developing an evaluation tool or collating the data from one? If you have, please expand below. Please leave your details if you are happy for us to contact you in the response box: